Sedalia Ragtime Archive
          dedicated to the genius of Scott Joplin and the American Music History he made in Sedalia 

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Sedalia in the Ragtime Era

An Exhibit

Sedalia’s Ragtime Era is scheduled for installation in April 2016 and will be located in Sedalia’s Welcome Center as a part of the Historic Katy Depot Exhibit Gallery and is being designed as a feature exhibit. The overarching interpretive message is as follows:


It was born on the open prairie, bursting with all the

vitality and optimism of the new nation itself.

It had already been a rail head for the first great cattle trail’s end

and by the 1890’s two railroads brought booming commerce and economic development

to fight off an impending national depression.

This vibrant community endowed schools for its growing population

with emphasis, in those segregated days, on higher education for its minority citizens.

Like the country it imitated, this extraordinary place attracted and blended a human medley of races, ethnicities and cultures.

And into it a young musical genius was enticed by its fertile environment.

Here Scott Joplin created Classic Ragtime music

and on August 10, 1899 he signed an innovative royalty contract

with local businessman, John Stark, to publish

The Maple Leaf Rag

in Sedalia, Missouri where

ragtime became America’s music!

Requests for funding exhibit design and installation were approved as a Destination Marketing Project by the Sedalia Area Tourism Commission and as a Heritage Interpretation Project by the Missouri Humanities Council.