Sedalia Ragtime Archive
          dedicated to the genius of Scott Joplin and the American Music History he made in Sedalia 

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Classic Ragtime Became America's Music

An Exhibit

Sedalia: A Place Where Classic Ragtme became America’s Music is scheduled for installation prior to the June 2016 festival and will be located in the entrance lobby of Liberty Center. It is being designed as a permanent tribute to the man, the music and the place where it all began. The overarching interpretive message is as follows:


From the Old World inheritance of lyrical melodies from European Americans,

pulsing rhythms from African Americans, chanting cadences from Native Americans and contagious ostinato from Latin Americans

Scott Joplin’s genius crafted The Maple Leaf Rag. 

By 1900 it captivated the country and the world from small town opera houses to Victorian parlors, and from dance halls and motion picture palaces to great urban concert halls …

It is our own unique syncopated sound and

Sedalia, Missouri is where

ragtime became America’s music!

Requests for funding exhibit design and installation were approved as a Destination Marketing Project by the Sedalia Area Tourism Commission and as a Heritage Interpretation Project by the Missouri Humanities Council.